Mont Blanc is a high-end international brand. They carry many luxury products for both business men and women. Mont Blanc have created a long-standing classic design, which exudes class and sophistication.

The following text was found when hovering over the advert link:

Vanquish Yachts, Blanc Pen, Pereaque Ideas, Color Combined, Marketing Campaign. The advert was found at the following pinterest page


The gradient shades of gray add dimension to the almost white background. Despite being a monochromatic color scheme, there is still a great use of contrast. The placement of the shading in the background contrasts with the solid black text and pen. The gold also gives contrast to the pen.


The touches of gold and the pen are prominent elements of repetition. There are several different fonts however the Mont Blanc font is consistent to the page and the detailed ribbon. The also subtle not so subtle placement of the logo is also repetitive throughout the design.


The strategic placement of the Pen standing creates a solid margin and anchors the text together. The various straight lines align with one another. The overall alignment in the center continues to create balance.


The proximity of the text and images are balanced with the white/gray space. This gives the reader a place to rest their eyes after reading the small text. The placement of the paper and pen are in proximity to the bottom of the page. This gives the viewer a connection to the advert with a sense that they could reach into the scene and start writing.


The monochromatic color scheme creates a soft clean and timeless backdrop. It creates a contrast to the solid black pen with a tasteful splash of gold.



The clean lines and use of font create visual interest while maintaining a minimalistic approach. While the message is understated, the sophisticated monochromatic color scheme paired with the contrasting touch of gold tells the consumer this is a luxury brand. The repetitive logo usage creates brand recognition. The pen is also strategically placed to highlight the subtle, yet, uniquely branded tip. This also educates the viewer as to how to recognize a Mont Blanc pen.


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