Return and Receive



Elder M. Russell Ballard’s conference talk Return and Receive was given April 2017. Although the talk was prepared for the LDS community, the message of building a Christ centered life and making it a goal is one that could apply to all Christians to include both men and women. Though families of all ages were included the content is more relevant to 12 years and up with a specific mention of missionaries.


The design elements were chosen to target the LDS community with the photo of a temple. The image of a missionary badge was used to signify not only the age but also the direct mention of missionaries.

Contrast was used to bring clear attention to the three headers. This helps the reader to know the content of what they are about to read. It also makes the article easy to reference specific concepts at a later time while producing visual interest. The distinct Zapfino font created a contrast with the Sans Serif font, PT Sans Regular, used throughout. It also provided contrast in the Serif font, PT Serif Caption Regular, used in the pullout quote. Repetition was created with color drawing out a natural analogous combination of tones from the front page temple image. Repetition was clear and defined with the headers. The two column piece was also consistent through the piece and maintained while wrapping around two of the images. The two columns create a balance and alignment. Typography on the front page and in the quote were two examples of how proximity and alignment can create visual interest.


The images used throughout the three-page spread discretely reinforce the message by Elder M. Russell Ballard. The message is a valuable message of the success of setting long-term goals and following your plan.


Photo Credits Bridget Mildon


Photo Credits Bridget Mildon


Photo Credits Kenadee Mildon


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