Brain Power

The power of color and design can enhance any topic, including the brain. The following icons not only paint a picture of a beautiful mind but help lend clarity to the subject of brain science.


The following icons were created for a non-profit organization website. Viewership on the site reaches approximately 40,000 organic hits each month catering to men, women, and children with neurological and mental health symptoms. The non-profit services both medical professionals and the general public, therefore, it was imperative the images be visually appealing to all audiences.



The icons use symbolism and vibrant colors to simplify a complex organ, the brain. Each figure takes on a new perspective and view of the mind. The images reveal not only the anatomy of this complex organ but also the function of the various parts down to the synapses. Symbolic images have been strategically placed within the brain according to the function they provide. The rich tones provide gentle repetition throughout the images providing cohesiveness and depth. Color is also used to illustrate the contrast in parts of the organ as well as varying degrees of brain function. The left side of some icons depicts the analytical, linear thinking mind while the right side is home to playful creativity and a wild imagination.


The power of creativity can profoundly influence how we see the brain, and the brain can influence how we approach creativity. By moving away from the original color design, the icons were allowed to evolve. Proving a simple icon has the power to lend clarity and beauty in ways we may not understanding consciously recognize.


60x60px and 400x400px icons created by Bridget Mildon







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