Strong | Sharp | Dependable | Fiskars

“Fiskars is a global brand bringing tools that empower people in the garden, home, office, and classroom.” 1


The following ad campaign was created for Fiskars’ most popular item. The multi-purpose scissors with orange handle have become a common staple in homes across the globe. Fiskars uses multiple ad campaigns to influence various demographics. Evolving with the changing market, Fiskars hones in on an ever growing single female audience ages 35-44, and more specifically, the semi-professional making $90,000 plus.


Target Audience

Women influence the scissor market, and how to appeal to these women have changed over the many years. Women ages 35-44 were primarily married with children in the late 50’s and 60’s. Over the past decade, this demographic has changed to become more independent and experienced with dating and relationships. The following ad campaign acknowledges and taps into the concept that each new relationship is likely the result of a broken one.



The design of any ad must first be appealing to the eye to grab your readers attention. A clever tag line or call to action will never be read if the viewer is not drawn in from the start. The contrasting Sans Serif and Script font complement one another. The Blue tone adds color without being too serious or too playful. The hint of iconic Fiskars orange adds a splash of color and makes the old feel new again. The design uses balance and white space to create visual interest without being overstated.



Fiskars originated in Finland and has become a global name throughout homes, business, indoors and outdoors. Young or old, everyone is in the market for scissors. Fiskars has maintained a hold on the market because of their ability to provide a valuable product, but most importantly their ability to connect with consumers.



Photo credits: Bridget Mildon



Photo credits: Bridget Mildon

The following images were used to create this ad campaign:

Photo credits: Bridget Mildon


Photo credits: Bridget Mildon

Photo Credit: Bridget Mildon

Photo credits: Bridget Mildon

Photo credits: Bridget Mildon


1  Fiskars Global website:



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