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Report Abuse

Introduction Since 1961, Amnesty International has become a well-respected human rights organization. In their quest to expose injustice throughout the world they have created many eye-catching and intense marketing campaigns advocating human rights. Amnesty's Report Abuse campaign was recognized by From Up North in their blog: 25 Powerful Advertisements That Will Make You Stop And…Read more Report Abuse

Strong | Sharp | Dependable | Fiskars

“Fiskars is a global brand bringing tools that empower people in the garden, home, office, and classroom.” 1 Introduction The following ad campaign was created for Fiskars’ most popular item. The multi-purpose scissors with orange handle have become a common staple in homes across the globe. Fiskars uses multiple ad campaigns to influence various demographics. Evolving with the…Read more Strong | Sharp | Dependable | Fiskars

Living on the Edge

Introduction Photography has evolved with technology over the years. However, the basics remain the same and these tried and true rules withstand technological advances. The following blog post highlights a few of the key elements that breathe life, feeling, and emotion into one dimensional photographs.   Rule of Thirds Introduction Photo #1 Alex Sholes is…Read more Living on the Edge

Typeface “I Had A Great Idea”

Introduction: Below you will find an example of how two contrasting typefaces can provoke interest and provide information. The following ad campaign demonstrates a modern, edgy, not afraid to think out of the box feel. October 26, 2009 Adweek Blogs published the captivating self-promotion campaign of Milc agency. The advert below is only one of…Read more Typeface “I Had A Great Idea”